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The Happy Runner

Love the Process, Get Faster, Run Longer

Συγγραφέας: Roche David , Roche Megan
Εκδότης: Human Kinetics Publishers
ISBN: 9781492567646
Αριθμός Σελίδων: 232
Έτος Έκδοσης: 2019

Σύνοψη του βιβλίου "The Happy Runner"

It's normal for a daily run to become somewhat of a chore. Finding out how to get out of the rut can be a challenge. Luckily, The Happy Runner has the answers for you. Authors David and Megan Roche believe you can't reach your running potential without consistency and joyful daily adventures. These can lead to long-term health and happiness. Guided by their personal experiences and coaching expertise, they help you learn exactly how to become a happier runner and achieve your personal best. The text uses proven coaching methods to teach you how to run faster, run longer and stay healthy. There are also real stories from successful athletes who have had personal breakthroughs as they learn to love the process of running. You will also learn how to adapt your running based on personal lifestyle and goals. As well as how to avoid setbacks from injury. Whether you're battling burnout, returning after injury or simply just new to running and want to enjoy it, the science-based guidance in The Happy Runner helps you get faster, go longer and live stronger.

Συγγραφέας/εις: Roche David, Roche Megan
Κατηγορία: αθλητισμός
ISBN: 9781492567646
Ημερ/νία έκδοσης: 27/03/2019
Εξώφυλλο: Paperback / softback
Σελίδες: 232
Τόπος έκδοσης: Champaign, IL
Χώρα έκδοσης: United States
Βάρος βιβλίου: 5 gr

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