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Your Child's Body Language

A Parent's Guide

Συγγραφέας: Quilliam Susan
Εκδότης: Connections Book Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781859063309
Αριθμός Σελίδων: 208
Διαστάσεις: 20x2x13
Έτος Έκδοσης: 2011

Σύνοψη του βιβλίου "Your Child's Body Language"

Why do we spend so much time teaching children how to speak, read and write, but not pay attention to their body language? Susan Quilliam's classic work - now re-designed and completely revised with additional information - shows how, by observing behaviour closely and reading between the lines of what is said, we can gain insight into the development of a child's thinking, emotions and personality. We can also recognize cries for help.

Συγγραφέας/εις: Quilliam Susan
ISBN: 9781859063309
Ημερ/νία έκδοσης: 01/04/2011
Εξώφυλλο: Paperback
Σελίδες: 208
Τόπος έκδοσης: London
Χώρα έκδοσης: United Kingdom
Βάρος βιβλίου: 318 gr
Διαστάσεις βιβλίου: 20x2x13 cm

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