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Milestones in Western Civilization

Selected Readings, Ancient Greece through the Middle Ages

Συγγραφέας: Mickelson-Gaughan Joan
Εκδότης: Scarecrow Press
ISBN: 9780810821880
Σειρά βιβλίου: Milestones in Western Civilization
Αριθμός Σελίδων: 447
Διαστάσεις: 22x3x15
Έτος Έκδοσης: 1990

Σύνοψη του βιβλίου "Milestones in Western Civilization"

The first of a three-volume set designed to be used in a college-level humanities or European history course. Contains extracts and short full-length pieces from primary sources selected for their inherent historical importance, their ability to exemplify a period, and their readability. The set wil

Συγγραφέας/εις: Mickelson-Gaughan Joan
Κατηγορία: ιστορία
Σειρά βιβλίου: Milestones in Western Civilization
ISBN: 9780810821880
Ημερ/νία έκδοσης: 28/06/1990
Εκδότης: Scarecrow Press
Εξώφυλλο: Hardback
Σελίδες: 447
Τόπος έκδοσης: Lanham, MD
Χώρα έκδοσης: United States
Βάρος βιβλίου: 644 gr
Διαστάσεις βιβλίου: 22x3x15 cm
Λεπτομέρειες εικονογράφησης: 2ill.4M.


Part 1 I. The Formation of Greece Chapter 2 Homer from the Iliad Chapter 3 Homer from the Odyssey Chapter 4 Plutarch on The Customs of the Lacedaemonians Chapter 5 Herodotus from The Histories Chapter 6 Thucydides from the History of the Peloponnesian War Part 7 II. Greek Philosophy and Art Chapter 8 Plato from The Republic Chapter 9 Aristotle from The Nicomachean Ethics Chapter 10 Sappho, Lyrics Chapter 11 Aristophanes from Lysistrata Part 12 III. The Hellenistic Age Chapter 13 Plutarch on Alexander the Great Chapter 14 Theocritus, "The Desperate Lover" Part 15 IV. The Roman Republic 509-27 B.C. Chapter 16 From the Twelve Tables Chapter 17 Livy from History of Rome Chapter 18 Plutarch on Cato the Elder Chapter 19 Julius Caesar from The Civil War Chapter 20 Catullus, Poems Chapter 21 Cicero from On Moral Duties Part 22 V. The Roman Empire, 27 B. C.-476 A. D. Chapter 23 Cicero from The Laws Chapter 24 Virgil from The Aenieid Chapter 25 Virgil, Eclogue IV Chapter 26 Horace, Ode Chapter 27 Ovid from The Art of Love Chapter 28 Marcus Aurelius Antoninus from Meditations Part 29 VI. Early Christianity Chapter 30 From the Sermon on the Mount Chapter 31 Saint Paul from First Letter to the Corinthians Chapter 32 The Edict of Milan Chapter 33 Theodosius I's Edict on Catholic and Heretic Chapter 34 Saint Jerome's Dream Chapter 35 Tertullian on " Women' s Dress" Chapter 36 From Rule of Saint Benedict Chapter 37 Saint Augustine from The Confessions Chapter 38 Saint Augustine from City of God Chapter 39 Gregory I's Instruction to Augustine, 601 A.D. Part 40 VII. Early Middle Ages Chapter 41 Tacitus from Germania Chapter 42 The Trial by Ordeal Chapter 43 Gregory of Tours, from History of the Franks Chapter 44 From the Quaran Chapter 45 Donation of Pepin, 756 Chapter 46 Boethuis from Consolation of Philosphy Chapter 47 Saint Bede from A History of the English Church and People Chapter 48 From Beowulf Part 49 VIII. Charlemagne Chapter 50 Einhard from Life of Charlemagne Chapter 51 From a Capitulary of Charlemagne Chapter 52 The Strassbourg Oaths, 842 Chapter 53 Treaty of Verdun Chapter 54 The Norsemen Invade Europe Part 55 IX. Medieval Society Chapter 56 Feudal Charter, 1110 Chapter 57 Survey of Dues from Hurstbourne Priory Chapter 58 Articles of the Spurriers Guild of London Chapter 59 Decrees of the Hanseatic League, 1260-1264 Chapter 60 William Fitz-Stephen, Decription of Medieval London, 1173 Part 61 X. The Development of Medieval States Chapter 62 From the Domensday Book Chapter 63 From the Magna Carta, 1215 Chapter 64 Election of Hugh Capet, 987 Chapter 65 Philip Augustus Acquiers Vermandois Chapter 66 Jean de Joinville on Louis IX Chapter 67 Salimbene on "The Follies of Frederick II" Part 68 XI. Reform and Revival Within the Church Chapter 69 From the 1059 Reform Decrees Chapter 70 Dictatus Papae, 1075 Chapter 71 The Deposition of Gregory VII by Henry IV, 1076 Chapter 72 Concordat of Worms, 1122 Chapter 73 Pope Urban II Calls the First Crusade, 1095' Chapter 74 Innocent III on Papal Authority, 1198 Chapter 75 St. Francis of Assisi, Prayer Part 76 XII. Schools and Scholasticism Chapter 77 Frederick Barbarossa Protects Students, 1158 Chapter 78 Student Songs Chapter 79 St. Anselm Proves the Existence of God Chapter 80 Abelard from Sic er non Chapter 81 Thomas Aquinas fromt he Summa Theologica Part 82 XIII. Medieval Culture Chapter 83 Dante Aligheiri from the Divine Comedy Chapter 84 From the Romance of the Rose Chapter 85 Troubadour Lyrics Chapter 86 Geoffrey Chaucer from Cantebury Tales Chapter 87 "Cuckoos Song" Chapter 88 Dies Irae (Day of Wrath) Chapter 89 Miracles of the Virgin

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