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How to Act Like a CEO: 10 Rules for Getting to the Top and Staying There

10 Rules for Getting to the Top and Staying There

Συγγραφέας: Benton D. A.
Εκδότης: McGraw-Hill Education - Europe
ISBN: 9780071412940
Σειρά βιβλίου: Business Books
Αριθμός Σελίδων: 204
Διαστάσεις: 23x1x15
Έτος Έκδοσης: 2003

Σύνοψη του βιβλίου "How to Act Like a CEO: 10 Rules for Getting to the Top and Staying There"

Praise for "How to Act Like a CEO": 'A wonderful blend of Dale Carnegie and the 10 Commandments' - euben Mark, Chairman, CEO and President, The Colgate Palmolive Company. 'With this book, Debra Benton has uniquely leveraged her lifetime study of CEOs into an insightful, clear and compelling primer for aspiring executives' - Doug Conant, President, Nabisco Food Company. 'An insightful tour d'horizon of how CEOs approach decision-making and leadership...this book demonstrates that although no two CEOs think alike, there are certain habits of mind and a disposition to decide and to act that most leaders have in common' -William Stavropoulos, CEO, The Dow Chemical Company.'A most insightful guide for those who yearn to run a major enterprise in this era of hypercompetition. Highly recommended for anyone with an eye towards great career success - especially the young and hungry go-getters who need Benton's advice more than they'll ever know' - Jeff Cunningham, Chairman of the Board, iLIFE.com. 'Benton has managed to get some of the top people to share their insight and advice, and the result is a highly readable book that would benefit anyone trying to succeed in an organization today' - Solomon D. Trujillo, President, Chairman and CEO, US West, Inc.

Συγγραφέας/εις: Benton D. A.
Κατηγορία: management
Σειρά βιβλίου: Business Books
ISBN: 9780071412940
Ημερ/νία έκδοσης: 18/02/2003
Εξώφυλλο: Paperback / softback
Σελίδες: 204
Χώρα έκδοσης: United States
Βάρος βιβλίου: 310 gr
Διαστάσεις βιβλίου: 23x1x15 cm
Στοιχεία έκδοσης: New edition

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