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Garden Blessings

Prose, Poems and Prayers Celebrating the Love of Gardening

Συγγραφέας: Cotner June
Εκδότης: Viva Editions
ISBN: 9781936740819
Αριθμός Σελίδων: 224
Διαστάσεις: 17x2x14
Ημερομηνία 1ης Έκδοσης: 1899
Έτος Έκδοσης: 2014

Σύνοψη του βιβλίου "Garden Blessings"

Garden Blessings is an eloquent tribute to the wonders of the garden, a place where our souls are nourished and memories grown. June Cotner's books comprise a balance of about 20 percent classic and famous writers and 80 percent lesser-known, award-winning writers, uncovering many selections not found anywhere else. Ranging from childhood memories of planting and harvesting to celebrations of the changing seasons to contemplation on the joyful art of gardening, Garden Blessings is a moving collection of poems, prayers, and reflections that reminds us of what really matters -- making and sharing memories. Our gardens grow us, and this collection of readings takes us down a path of pleasure. The overriding intention of Garden Blessings is to provide a heartwarming, spiritually focused collection of uplifting prayers, prose, and poems that share a common joy and appreciation for the love of gardening and the many blessings that gardens bring to our lives. June Cotner, a best-selling inspirational author, has gathered a bounty of garden blessings here, offering gems of wisdom that remind the reader and gardener in all of us just how much we learn from our gardens.

Συγγραφέας/εις: Cotner June
Κατηγορία: κηπουρική
ISBN: 9781936740819
Ημερ/νία έκδοσης: 13/05/2014
Εκδότης: Viva Editions
Εξώφυλλο: Hardback
Σελίδες: 224
Συντελεστές: Edited by: June Cotner
Τόπος έκδοσης: Berkeley
Χώρα έκδοσης: United States
Βάρος βιβλίου: 1 gr
Διαστάσεις βιβλίου: 17x2x14 cm
Ημερομηνία πρώτης έκδοσης: 1899


1. The Garden Mara Beamish 18 Garden Talk Zoraida Rivera 19 The Garden Is Rich with Diversity Chinook Psalter 20 The Kiss of the Sun for Pardon Dorothy Frances Gurney 21 Reflections on the Garden Alice Morse Earle 22 Barbara Damrosch 22 Lawrence Halprin 22 Wendy Johnson 22 Laura Martin 22 Henry Mitchell 23 Sadi 23 Barbara Damrosch 23 Walt Whitman 23 Impermanence The Dalai Lama 24 The Garden Hour Christine Swanberg 25 Eden Sherri Waas Shunfenthal 26 Garden Proverbs Author unknown 28 Rudyard Kipling 28 Spanish proverb 28 Author unknown 28 The New Garden Sharon Hudnell 29 Dawn Approaches Linda Lee Ruzicka 30 Oasis Irene Sedeora 31 Year-Round Blessing Joanne Keaton 32 Gardens Thelma J. Palmer 33 A Garden Prayer Barbara Nuzzo 35 Rhapsodies Within Jeani M. Picklesimer 36 Grandma and Grandpa's Backyard Sheryl L. Nelms 37 Affair in a Garden Arlene Gay Levine 39 2. The Gardener Proverb 40 Gardener's Prayer Karel Capek 41 Gardening Mother Paula E. Kirman 43 Reflections About Gardeners Marjorie Harris 44 Vita Sackville-West 44 H. G. Dwight 44 Love Poem for the Gardener Jean Tupper 45 Why? Sandra E. McBride 47 Natural Lois Greene Stone 48 Interlude Christina Keenan 49 The Gardener Reverend Edie Weinstein 51 The Old Gardener Nancy A. Lynch 52 Grandmother Katharyn Howard Machan 53 Into a Bountiful Season Carol L. MacKay 55 A Poet Returns to the Garden B.G. Thurston 56 Glory to the Gardener Heather Berry 57 A Gardener Knows Another Gardener Pamela Burke 58 Bless the Gardener Who Mary Kolada Scott 59 A Gardener's Prayer Arlene Gay Levine 60 3. Gardening Tina James 61 Reflections on Gardening Patricia R. Barrett 62 John Erskine 62 Jerry Baker 62 Edgar Allen Poe 62 Ruth Stout 62 Mirabel Osler 63 Elizabeth Murray 63 Lewis Gannett 63 Author unknown 63 C. Z. Guest 63 Our Personal Work of Art Julia Moir Messervy 64 Ground Maryanne Hannan 65 August Clearing Barbara Glynn 66 Gardening Credo Susan J. Erickson 68 What Remains Nancy Tupper Ling 69 Old Gardener's Confession Dianne M. Del Giorno 70 Gardener's Winter Lament Arlene L. Mandell 72 A Gardener's Springtime Prayer William Cleary 73 Spring Raking Lisa Timpf 74 Garden Gift DeMar Regier 76 Your Flowers Are Pretty Sheryl L. Nelms 77 Spiritual Gardening Norman Wirzba 79 Garden Confessional Jill Johnson 81 4. The Seasons Percy Bysshe Shelley 82 To Everything There Is a Season Ecclesiastes 83 Psalm of Praise Joan Stephen 84 Trees Marion Schoeberlein 85 Suddenly, Barbara Crooker 86 Spring Pledge Shirley S. Stevens 87 Snowflakes of Spring Bonnie Compton Hanson 88 And What Is So Rare As a Day in June? James Russell Lowell 89 This Summer Day Barbara Crooker 90 Diminuendo Barbara Crooker 92 Summer Passing Thomas L. Reid 93 Leaves Falling Mike Blottenberger 95 To Marigolds in Autumn Thomas L. Reid 96 All Because Autumn Came Denise A. Dewald 97 Lady Autumn Emily King 99 Contractions Hazel Smith Hutchinson 100 It's Early Winter Gary Young 101 Winter Blessing Paula E. Kirman 102 January Thaw Barbara Crooker 103 Late February, Barbara Crooker 105 5. Planting & Harvesting Douglas Jerrold 106 The Promise Joan No ldechen 107 Liturgy Mary Ellen Hansburg 108 Turning the Garden Under, Barbara Crooker 109 The Gardener Mary Lenore Quigley 110 Harmony Marcus Aurelius 111 Child's Garden Blessing Jill Johnson 112 Four O'Clocks Brenda Knight 113 Discovery Barb Mayer 114 Your Gift of Tomatoes Elisavietta Ritchie 116 Making Soup for Selah Michael S. Glaser 118 Harvest Time Susan Landon 120 Fall Bounty Mary Maude Daniels 121 6. Flowers Ralph Waldo Emerson 122 I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud William Wordsworth 123 Early Daffodils Steven Ratiner 124 Flowering Trees Barbara Crooker 125 Never Lose an Opportunity Ralph Waldo Emerson 126 An Island Garden Celia Thaxter 127 Flowers Rochelle L. Holt 128 The Wilding C. David Hay 129 Morning Glories Stephanie Palladino 130 Morning Glories Norbert Krapf 131 A Poet's Prayer Sandra E. McBride 133 Lilies Meg Campbell 134 I Know a Bank Whereon the Wild Thyme Grows William Shakespeare 135 These Roses Under My Window Ralph Waldo Emerson 136 The Rose Fanny Levin 137 My Neighbor's Roses A.L. Gruber 138 My Neighbor's Reply Author unknown 139 Joint Garden Maureen Tolman Flannery 140 And They Say There Are No More Nita Penfold 141 Lovely Camellia Janine Canan 142 7. Fruits & Vegetables Frances Moore Lapp 144 Squash Blossom Cassie Premo Steele 145 Garden Laurence Snydal 146 Kindness Sally Clark 147 Choking Gayle Brandeis 148 Holy Tomatoes Ginny Lowe Connors 150 Tomato William Orem 151 Shelling Peas Penny Harter 153 Avocado Gayle Brandeis 155 Raspberries Barbara Crooker 157 Orchard Blessing Marjorie Rommel 159 Pear Tree at Sunset Lisa Zimmerman 161 8. All Creatures Anne Raver 162 Leap Frog Sheryl L. Nelms 163 Warts Helen Ruggieri 165 Bumble Bees in Bloom Jill Morgan Hawkins 166 Cycle: for the Deer Sharon Hudnell 167 Blessings Barbara Van Noord 168 The Butterfly Ballet Marion Schoeberlein 169 In the Garden with My Grandson Donna Wahlert 170 A Hummingbird Moment Gwyneth M. Bledsoe 171 The Visit Ann Reisford Boutt 172 My Garden's Protected Robin Svedi 174 Katydid Maureen Tolman Flannery 175 Cricket's Coda Rebecca K. Wyss 177 Buried Treasure Nancy A. Lynch 178 The Garden Warbler Ramnath Subramanian 179 A Gardener's Lament Susanne Wiggins Bunch 181 Making the Rounds Gary E. McCormick 183 Birds at the Feeder Donna Wahlert 185 Honored Bees Janine Canan 186 9. Reflections Author unknown 187 Reflections Willa Cather 188 Hal Borland 188 Frances Moore Lapp 188 Thomas Jefferson 188 Author unknown 189 Emma Goldman 189 Author unknown 189 To Be of the Earth John Soos 190 The Garden Tereasa Bellew 191 Curator Reverend Jack Skiles 192 My Beloved Janine Canan 193 Weed Wrestling Susan R. Norton 194 Watching from the Window Martha K. Baker 196 Sweet Banquets Hilda Sanderson 197 The Shady Corner Norbert Krapf 198 In the Garden Peter Markus 200 Why Do Plants Have Such a Positive Impact on Us? Author unknown 201 Working in the Garden Ellen Bass 202 Do Tell Martha K. Baker 204 At the End of a Season Marilyn Johnston 205 10. Inspiration Veronica Hunsucker 206 Short Inspirations John Jeavons 207 Jean-Jacques Rousseau 207 Russell Page 207 Joni Mitchell 207 Be a Gardener Julian of Norwich 208 Blessing for a Gardener Maryanne Hannan 209 Give Me the Splendid Silent Sun Walt Whitman 210 Pilgrim's Progress Ida Fasel 211 When I Dance, I Dance Michel de Montaigne 212 Garden Meditation Reverend Max Alden Coots 213 A Little Prayer Theresa Mary Grass 215 The Simplest Miracle Mary Maude Daniels 216 Garden Credo Thelma J. Palmer 218 Garden Blessing Shirley Vogler Meister 219 Illumination Sarah J. Diehl 220 A Gardener's Prayer Nancy Priff 221 Heirloom Seeds Cindy Chuksudoon 222 A Community Garden Blessing Carol L. MacKay 223 The Gardener's Toast Thelma J. Palmer 224 Plowing a New Furrow Margaret Anne Huffman 226 Keeper of the Gates Father John B. Giuliani 227 Beautitudes for the Gardener Gail Kavanagh 228 Miracle Theresa Mary Grass 230 A Garden Prayer Marian Olson 231 God's Evergreenness Martha K. Baker 232 Garden Prayer Sharon Hudnell 234 Bless the Gardener Kay Reall 235 Garden Light Michael S. Glaser 236 AUTHOR INDEX 237 PERMISSIONS AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS "4 pages still to come" 240 ABOUT THE AUTHOR

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