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Attack on Titan: The Movie - Part 2: End of the World

Σκηνοθέτης: Shinji Higuchi
Τύπος: DVD
Έτος Παραγωγής: 2015

Είδος: anime & manga
Διάρκεια 84'
Καταλληλότητα: rating-18-adult
ΕΑΝ: 5022366574747
Πρωτότυπος τίτλος: Shingeki no kyojin endo obu za wârudo
Σκηνοθέτης: Shinji Higuchi
Σεναριογράφος: Hajime Isayama
Έτος παραγωγής: 2015
Ημερομηνία κυκλοφορίας: 25/07/2016
Χώρα παραγωγής: Japan
Υπότιτλοι: no subtitles, English
Εταιρεία διανομής: Manga Entertainment Anime
Τύπος: DVD
Aspect ratio: 16:9

Eren and the others set out on a mission to restore the Wall that had been destroyed by a colossal Titan, but they’re suddenly faced with a quagmire when they’re attacked by a horde of Titans. Shikishima, the Titan-slaying captain of the Scout Regiment, arrives to save the day, but the Titans show no sign of letting up. During the battle, Eren is badly injured, and in the process of saving his friend Armin, he’s swallowed whole by a Titan. Just as all hope seems to be lost, a mysterious Titan with black hair suddenly appears and begins annihilating the other Titans.

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