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Come Along 1 Teacher's Book Companion

Συγγραφέας : Kane A.
Εκδότης: Hillside Press
ISBN: 9789604241538
Έτος Έκδοσης: 2013

Σύνοψη του βιβλίου "Come Along 1 Teacher's Book Companion"

A special series that aspires to familiarize students with the English language and introduce them to the different cultures of the world. Through the stories of young people of different cultural backgrounds who live, play and work together, students develop the basic skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing and sharpen their critical thinking skills.

Συγγραφέας/εις: Kane A.
Κατηγορία: αγγλική γλώσσα
ISBN: 9789604241538
Ημερ/νία έκδοσης: 2013
Εκδότης: Hillside Press

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