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The Beer Drinker's Guide to God

The Whole and Holy Truth About Lager, Loving, and Living

Συγγραφέας: Miller William B.
Εκδότης: Howard Books
ISBN: 9781476738642
Αριθμός Σελίδων: 352
Διαστάσεις: 21x2x14
Γλώσσα Γραφής: english
Ημερομηνία 1ης Έκδοσης: 2014
Έτος Έκδοσης: 2014

Σύνοψη του βιβλίου "The Beer Drinker's Guide to God"

Father Bill Miller appreciates both spirits and the Holy Spirit. As an Episcopal priest and the owner of Padre's bar in Marfa, Texas, he understands that spiritual lessons can be drawn from everyday living as well as the finer things in life-a smoky Scotch, a robust Zinfandel, PBR in a can. Father Bill believes that being upright does not mean you have to be uptight. In The Beer Drinker's Guide to God, he brews up insightful, beautifully written reflections on how alcoholic beverages can reveal the true nature of God. He weaves together stories from his life in ministry, his travels in search of the world's best Scotch, his attempts at brewing his own beer, and colorful evenings in his Texan bar. He also reflects on the lessons he's learned from roller derby, playboy bunnies, Las Vegas, and his attempts to marry Miss Universe, all while writing about generosity, sacrifice, pilgrimage, and spiritual transformation. From the deeply touching to the laugh-out-loud funny, these stories ultimately open our minds to the glory of God and our mouths to some of his more delicious creations.The Beer Drinker's Guide to God is a smart, earnest, hilarious book for those thirsty for God's truth.

Συγγραφέας/εις: Miller William B.
Κατηγορία: θρησκεία
ISBN: 9781476738642
Ημερ/νία έκδοσης: 01/06/2014
Εκδότης: Howard Books
Εξώφυλλο: Paperback
Σελίδες: 352
Γλώσσα βιβλίου: english
Τόπος έκδοσης: New York
Χώρα έκδοσης: United States
Βάρος βιβλίου: 306 gr
Διαστάσεις βιβλίου: 21x2x14 cm
Ημερομηνία πρώτης έκδοσης: 2014

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